People living close to an open space are in uproar after discovering that the land is to be sold to a church.

Those living near the Ladysmith Road open space, in Edmonton, are claiming they were not consulted in the selling of the open to St John’s evangelist church, who intend to expand their St Matthews’s school onto the site.

The plans come under the Meridian Water masterplan which will see thousands of new homes built as well as schools and train station.

Members of Residences of Edmonton Angel Community Together (REACT) claim initial plans in 2012 only stated one option to build the new primary school, on the disused national grid site adjacent to the open space in Willoughby Lane.

Grace Kamall, chairman of the group said: “We had not been notified about this decision until a couple of months ago, never mind 2012.

“We said at the time we are in favour of the school being on the disused national grid site and if the Council had told us at the time it was planning to sell the open space land, we would have been against it.

“Because of this, we are now set to lose the only green space in this part of the borough, where will our children play now?”

However, Enfield Borough Council, who is selling the land to the church claim that they did properly consult with local residents about the 2.6 acre site and that the free school will provide much needed school places.

A spokesman said: “Residents were consulted on a masterplan for the area in 2012 which proposed that the open space in Ladysmith Road would be used for development.

“The planned free school will ultimately provide up to 420 additional primary school places – including the 180 pupils currently located at St John’s – which will help ease pressure on school places in the borough.

“Enfield Council is currently working with a local resident group to address their concerns.”

The spokesman also stated that a new children’s space is being build “on land off Conduit Lane and is known as Angel Gardens. Phase 1 of this new park, including new play equipment and children’s play space, is under construction and is scheduled to be opened in early 2015, with the remainder of the park opened by the end of the year. “

Yet, Mrs Kamall believes that children would have to cross the “dangerous” North Circular Road in order to play once more.

She added: “We said we are against this alternative because it leaves our children crossing a dangerous road just play.

“The playground in the open space has already been stripped away. We feel we are being robbed of precious land.”

The group has been told it has until Thursday, December  4, to make further complaints to the application.