The Wikipedia page of a former MP caught up in the expenses scandal has been edited.

A section entitled “Involvement in the expenses scandal” removed from the online encyclopedia's entry for former Labour MP Joan Ryan. 

The editing appeared to have been done anonymously from an IP address located within the Houses of Parliament. The Wikipedia page has since been changed back to its original form.

In 2010 the former MP for Enfield North was asked repay nearly £5,000 of mortgage interest claims after an audit of MPs’ expenses found she had over-claimed.

Ms Ryan, who has been selected as the Labour parliamentary candidate for Enfield North ahead of next year's General Election, told the Enfield Independent any allegations she changed the entry was “categorically untrue” and any suggestion otherwise was “wrong”.

She said: “I do not even have access to the parliamentary internet network from which these changes were made.

“This is a politically-motivated smear campaign against me. The people of Enfield will not be fooled by these smear tactics.

“They know that I served this constituency with honesty and integrity for 13 years and would do so again if I am elected next year.

“I will not let the people behind these malicious lies get away with distracting people's attention away from the issues that really matter to the people of Enfield, such as the future of Chase Farm Hospital, after David Cameron's decision to axe our A&E and maternity services.”

This is not the first time Mrs Ryan’s page has been doctored after it was found in 2012 persistent attempts were made to remove information about her expenses scandal from her Wikipedia page.

Last year the former MP was announced as the Labour candidate to fight her old seat, which she lost to Conservative MP Nick de Bois in 2010.

Mr de Bois said: “People still talk about Joan Ryan’s part in the expenses scandal on the doorstep even though it was years ago.

“Sadly this type of behaviour is the old politics and no amount of editing can hide how badly she let down her constituents.”