The stench from tons of grass cuttings at Tottenham Hotspur's training ground has wreaked havoc those living nearby.

While multi-million pound stars train on pristinely cut grass at one of the best centres in the world, those living opposite are feeling the effects.

Peter Demetriou, 40, of Guy Lodge Farm, in Whitewebbs Lane, is incensed that the Premier League side has disposed tons of grass cuttings in the far reaches of their grounds, opposite his home.

Mr Demetriou told the Enfield Independent that as a result of the pong, his son, Zane, was physically sick.

He said: “This is absolutely outrageous what they are doing and I reached the end of my tether when my 11-year-old son was physically sick because of the stench, it is unbelievable.

“What has happened is that they have dumped 200 tons of grass near our home and it has rotted away and when they turn it over, a type of slurry has been produced and created this indescribable smell.”

The outraged resident claims that the smell caused by the fermentation of the grass on the border of Tottenham’s lands, has ruined the family’s past two summers.

He said: “They churn over the grass and clear it in the evenings and in the summer it is a lot worse. This has happened to use for the past two years and has ruined our summers, we can barely go outside without the stench hitting us for six.

“We was promised last summer from Spurs that this would never happen again and yet here we are with this continuous health hazard on our doorstep.

“We have more than 20 animals on our grounds and I am used to all sorts of smells but this cannot be tolerated. The council needs to confront Spurs on this issue because they are not doing enough.”

Tony Brewer, who also lives on Whitewebbs Lane, believes the silage is releasing a toxic liquid which is damaging the health of people living there.

He said: “Tottenham Hotspur has blighted the resident’s lives here and this has been unacceptable. I haven’t been able to open my windows on many occasions.

“There is a form of liquid coming off of the grass which is causing a rotten smell because the grass is fermenting which is stock piled.”

An Enfield Borough Council spokesman has told the newspaper that the authority visited Tottenham Hotspur on August 7.

He said: “Enfield Council was contacted on the August 4, regarding a smell which came from the large amount of grass which had been stockpiled by THFC on their grounds.

“After a visit by the council’s environmental health team on August 7, the club have agreed to move the grass. Enfield Council are monitoring the situation to ensure the agreed actions are completed.”

A Tottenham Hotspur spokesman added: “The grass cuttings is part of our green waste and compost strategy. We have visited the neighbour and the grass has been removed from the site. Grass cuttings will now go off site to green waste management.”