Close-knit pub staff raised money for good causes by wearing their most Christmassy pullovers for National Festive Jumper Day.

The Gryphon restaurant in Vera Avenue, Enfield held a fundraising fun day to raise money for charities Vasculitis UK and the National Association for People Abused in Childhood.

As well as having collection boxes, the restaurant held a Christmas raffle which offered prizes like two tickets for an Arsenal vs Crystal Palace football match, a weekend break or a signed Dizzee Rascal poster.

The vasculitis charity is particularly personal for restaurant owners Sally and Tony Hart, whose son Giles, 20, was diagnosed with the disease in February.

Mr Hart said: "They originally thought it was arthritis or sinus problem. He had a one in four million chance of getting something as rare as vasculitis."

Vasculitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the cells lining the blood vessels. Chemotherapy is used to control the disease as there is no cure and the family visits the Royal Free Hospital to get updates.

Giles, who is studying countryside management at Capel Manor College, said: "If I have a day with a lot of activity, I get really tired."

The Harts have also established contact with another young person who Enfield who has developed vasculitis.

Beckie Wright, duty manager at the restaurant, said: "We’d done collection buckets for Vasculitis earlier this year. This is the first time we’ve done something like this and we got organised very quickly."