An 88-year-old woman “knowingly” took her own life, an inquest has heard.

Jacqueline Hardy, 88, of Gordon Hill, Enfield, committed suicide on January 13, 2013. At an inquest yesterday, Coroner Andrew Walker judged her to have been of sound mind at the time of her death.

Born on December 5, 1924 in Wood Green, Ms Hardy was described by her GP David Murray on November 12, 2012, as “upset" that she could no longer do a lot of the things she used to, but the doctor believed that she had not shown any indication of suicide at the time.

She was found hanged in her bathroom on January 13. PC Edouard Betsy, who attended the scene, said two notes had been left in the home; one to her son Frederick Hardy and the other asking not to be resuscitated.

The inquest also revealed that the 88-year-old had made more than one attempt to commit suicide, the other known attempt in 1968.

At Barnet Coronoers Court in Wood Lane, Mr Walker questioned the frame of mind that the 88-year-old was in when she hanged herself.

However, after reading written evidence from her GP and hearing the evidence from PC Betsy, Mr Walker was satisfied with the evidence that Ms Hardy had "knowingly" intended to commit suicide.