An international university has announced the purchase of a former campus in Enfield for £30 million.

Malaysia’s Allianze University College of Medical Sciences (AUCMS) has bought the former Middlesex University Trent Park Campus in order to create a medical university hub in London.

The private university, based in Panang, Malaysia, currently operates five campus sites in Malaysia with a series of international hubs across the Far East training students in medicine and surgery and offers a broad academic programme in mathematics and science.

Middlesex University’s Trent Park campus was put up for sale in April 2012 and has remained unused since, with one of the buildings, Mansion House, being a listed building.

AUCMS president Dr Zainuddin Wazir said: “There has been a higher education establishment on the Trent Park Campus since 1946 and I am delighted to be continuing this rich heritage. The site itself is a beautiful location and London is the ideal base for us. 

“Our vision for Allianze University College of Medical Sciences London is a thriving modern university campus offering the very best of academic excellence for diploma, degree, masters and PhD studies.  It will cater for UK and international students who will be based here, as well as for our existing students who will spend some time in London as part of their studies in Malaysia or elsewhere.

“With new jobs and more investment created, we very much hope people will welcome us to the area and we will work closely with Enfield Council, English Heritage and the local community in considering our future plans for the site.”

Repair work on the buildings will begin in early September with the Malaysian university intending on bringing 300 students to live and study at the Trent Park campus from October 2013.

The AUCMS says that there will be a thorough public consultation process as further plans are developed at the site.

Melvyn Keen, deputy chief executive at Middlesex University, said: "Trent Park has served us well, but our number one priority is providing an excellent student experience and at Hendon we can offer state of the art facilities and major new or refurbished areas for study and socialising.”