Urgent action is needed to tackle gun crime after two people were shot dead in less than three weeks in Enfield, says a councillor.

A 34-year-old man was shot in Fontaine Court in Southgate at approximately 7.20pm yesterday and pronounced dead at the scene.

The Enfield Independent understands the victim was Turkish, from Tottenham, although this remains unconfirmed.

The Homicide and Serious Crime Command are investigating his death, but no arrests have been made. His family have been informed.

The man's death comes days after the murder of 19-year-old Mohammed Hussein who was shot in the chest in Bounces Road in Edmonton on Monday, April 1.

Councillor Henry Lamprecht, who leads Southgate Green, said: “There has been a quantum leap from people knifing each other to shooting each other now, and this by all accounts is just an execution on the streets, it’s just frightening.

“We need to nip this in the bud - we need to find out where these guns are coming from. It’s a leap that is taking place from people walking with knives that are easily obtainable to guns that shouldn’t be easily obtainable.

Forensic officers remain at the scene this morning to investigate, with High Street closed both ways.

Cllr Lamprecht said the shooting, in a built up area, could have led to more fatalities.

The Conservative politician said: “It is entirely possible that these bullets could have gone astray and killed more people. If they can get guns so easily what is preventing a massive tragedy from happening?

“It is very, very worrying. What the hell is going on? People are saying Southgate is turning into a ghetto, we can’t have that - it’s a family area.

"People are frightened, we need to stand together.”

He said he narrowly avoided being in the path of the shooting because he was dropping Conservative MP David Burrowes home, who lives nearby, at the time.

He said Enfield Borough Council should set up a task force between the Greater London Authority, the Government and the police to focus on gun crime in the area.