A team of formerly homeless people helped renovate an entire house as part of a charity training programme.

With the help of homeless charity St Mungo’s, the group of 28 took part in a project to renovate a five-bedroom house in Bounds Green, Enfield.

All those involved had benefited from the charity's work and had enrolled in its painting and decorating social enterprise ReVive and bricklaying training course, Bricks & Mortar.

One of the workers, Ian, who was previously homeless, said: “I’d never done anything like it before and got some really valuable experience. I’m just finishing my diploma here and will be starting on painting and decorating next.

“When I was drinking I was really isolated but being in Bricks and Mortar has helped my social skills. It’s like really good therapy.”

The team renovated the entire house, including replastering the walls, laying flooring, painting, decorating and fitting the kitchen and bathroom.

The house will now be used by the charity to house people who have previously been homeless to help them live independently.

St Mungo’s training and enterprise manager Alpheous Little said: “Doing up this property has been the biggest challenge yet for ReVive and Bricks and Mortar and it has been a really great opportunity for all involved.

“It’s also great to see multiple social enterprise projects joining forces and skills to work on a live contract with all the challenges and rewards which that brings."

The two courses have been run by St Mungo’s for nearly four years and help people who have previously been homeless get skills and professional qualifications to find work.