Disabled people will be employed to wash cars in an Enfield Borough Council scheme to help them into work.

The authority has agreed to launch an eco-car wash in the Palace Gardens Multistorey Car Park in Enfield Town, with plans to roll it out to other council-owned car parks in the borough if it is a success.

The council hopes the Future Clean project will give people with disabilities the chance to gain work experience and training.

Cabinet Member for Environment Councillor Chris Bond said: "This scheme will help people with disabilities into employment during a difficult economic period, encourage people into the town centre and improve security in the car park, so there are a whole range of social, environmental and economic benefits to this scheme.

"This initiative demonstrates our commitment to improving our town centres and supporting our traders as part of Enfield Council's wider strategy of improving and enhancing the borough's economy and proving jobs and training for its residents."

The green scheme uses biodegradable cleaning products and less than 500ml of filtered rain water to wash an average-sized car.

Enfield Disability Action chief executive officer Aaron Dryden welcomed the council’s plans. He said: "We hope that this initiative challenges the perceptions of some employers about recruiting disabled people and opens up new opportunities.

“Adults with learning difficulties who attend our self advocacy groups tell us that it is hard to find work and that they really enjoy work placements and new opportunities."