The Christmas post deadline has been and gone - now new measures to crack down on library users returning items late will be introduced in the New Year.

The system, which will come into force in Enfield’s 17 libraries from Monday January 7, will enable people to renew books, CDs and DVDs online as long as they are not wanted by anyone else.

Emails will also be sent to people reminding them that their items need to be renewed, and people with items between 15 and 50 days late will receive letters calling for them to be returned.  

Enfield Borough Council's Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure, Youth and Localism, Councillor Bambos Charalambous, said: "We've put in place lots of new systems to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to renew their library items and there is absolutely no excuse for them coming back late.

"These new arrangement are all about encouraging residents to get the most from our excellent libraries, ensure we get our stock back in good time so it can be loaned to someone else and reduce the likelihood of people getting fined for failing to return our items - something we simply don't want to have to do."

People can also renew items through ringing the 24-hour renewal line, or by visiting a library in person.