Fans of Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie And The Chocolate Factory had the opportunity be inventive while the much loved children’s story continues its run at Theatre Royal Drury Lane, in the West End. 
The Imagination Awards is a national competition that aims to encourage and inspire young people to embrace their creativity and explore the power of their ideas.
Hundreds of aspiring inventors aged between five and 15-years-old from across the country dreamt up solutions to problems they recognised in the world around them and budding theatre designers aged from 13-years-old to 21, created original sets and costume designs, all for a chance to win a VIP visit and behind-the-scenes tour of the iconic show.
Tom William Bauss, from Muswell Hill, in Haringey, who is only seven-years-old, won for his Super Float Boat, which was an unsinkable vessel to help with the current refugee crisis and to stop people getting wet at sea.
Ten-year-old McKenzie Cameron from Loughton, Essex, also won the judges’ vote with her Memory Maker design, which included an edible sweet wrapper that would help bring back precious memories for a grandparent who is always forgetful.
They both explained how they were inspired to pursue their unique and innovative ideas and why they are excited to visit the theatre to see one of their favourite books come to life…
How does it feel to win the award?
Tom: I feel good about it and happy. 
McKenzie: It is really exciting to win and I’m very happy about it too.
Did you think you would win?
Tom: I didn’t think so.
Mckenzie: No!
Can you tell me about the design that you created?
Tom: I made a super float boat to help people who are travelling over to this country and might need some help. 
Mckenzie: I made a sweet wrapper who will help people remember their memories and then when you need to remember something, the wrapper unwraps itself and the memory will be in the wrapper.
Where did you get the idea for that? 
Tom: I thought my idea would be good as lots of people fall in the water and I don’t want them to get hurt or wet. I found out about what was happening when I gave some toys to the refugees, so I have been doing charity work to help them too.
Mckenzie: I don’t know, I just designed it after my Gran. She always forgets where she has left her phone and sometimes she also forgets my name and mixes me up with my mum’s name. So the sweet will be very helpful for her. 
What is your prize? 
Tom: I’m getting the tour and also will be an inventor in residence at the Science Museum. 
Mckenzie: I’m getting a behind the scenes experience of the play.
Are you a big fan of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory?
Tom: Yes. 
Mckenzie: I kind of am.
Do you prefer the book or the film?
Tom: I prefer the book as it is better. 
Mckenzie: I like both. My favourite character is Charlie. 
Have you ever invented anything before?
Tom: I have also had an idea to invent edible books where the information goes into your brain and ears when you eat them. That will be helpful for people who do not have time to read. 
Mckenzie: I’ve invented some things before. I have made up lots of games with my friends to play with them and lots of other stuff as well. 
Have you broken up from school for the summer now?
Tom: Yes, from Rhodes Avenue Primary School, in Muswell Hill and in the summer I will be going to Majorca. 
Mckenzie: I have. I’ll soon be going into Year Six at Thomas Willingale School, in Loughton, so will enjoy the summer a lot. During the summer, I will be going to Bali for a holiday so that is exciting. 
Charlie And The Chcolate Factory, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Catherine Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5JF, until January 2017, 7.30pm. Details: