A casual meeting, a chance revelation of partner swapping and writer Janet Dulin Jones found her creative synapses sparking.

A successful Hollywood scriptwriter for years, who has recently been increasingly drawn to the world of theatre, found she simply had to put pen to paper and start writing.

But her resulting play Even could easily have been put away in a cupboard if it wasn’t for an introduction to Park Theatre’s creative director Melli Bond, who invited her to be part of the venue’s Script Accelerator programme.

Janet is now working with a cast on a stage reading performance of her play which will be performed on the Finsbury Park venue’s stage as part of its season of five works by emerging theatremakers.

Last year several of the shows from Script Accelerator ended up as full-scale productions in the theatre.

Janet, who grew up in Los Angeles but now splits her time between the States and Primrose Hill, says: “It’s been a fantastic experience and has given everyone in the programme the chance to really refine their work, which is really hard to do if you are sat in a room alone staring at a blank screen.“

Even tells the story of old friends Suzanne and Jasmine who re-connect after 15 years and meet up for dinner with their partners.

Within minutes, cracks in their relationships break wide open as well-placed barbs and old wounds bring out their worst behaviour. This rupture throws the couples into a moral abyss from which there may be no return.

Janet says: “I had dinner with someone I didn’t know that well and they told me about a situation they had with their girlfriend and another couple and I couldn’t get it out of my mind and had to write it down.“

She adds: “I was interested in what happens if someone does something that’s against their moral code and breaks a rule and how far down do you go before you hit bottom? And can you ever recover from something that’s taken you out of a sense of yourself?“

Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, Even will be performed on Thursday, June 26 and the Script Accelerators season runs until Saturday, June 28. Details: 020 7870 6876, parktheatre.co.uk