It wasn’t billed as such but this felt like a real celebration of James’ 10 years in the music industry.

The 31-year-old really gave his all to the gig, sharing stories and personal insights about his songs and jigging around on stage.

It was back in 2006 that he burst onto the music scene with his hit debut single You Give Me Something.

This was followed by his chart-topping debut album, Undiscovered and he opened his night at the Roundhouse with the first track from it Under the Influence. But this was by no means a chronological journey through his hits.

Nothing Ever Hurt Like You from his second album Songs for You, Truths for Me followed and then came I Won't Let You Go from third album The Awakening. All three showed off the strength of his writing skills and his voice and reminded us that he was excelling at catchy guitar-led songs with raw, gritty vocals long before George Ezra and James Bay were around.

He put down his guitar to perform Stay Like This from fourth album Higher Than Here which came in October and revealed a maturity which has come with age saying : “I have been doing this s**t for 10 years, I can’t believe it. I want to thank everyone who has supported me. I’m still a bit awkward but less so now. This song is about me finding my confidence.”

That’s the thing about James, he doesn’t strut, his dancing definitely has that school disco vibe about it but it works with his earnest style of music.

It felt fitting that Something Right came next, a newer song that fits with his new found confidence that allowed him to open up and tell us the story behind Wonderful World- which was inspired by a man he met when he first moved to London who was always asking people for hugs on the bus but never received any, which plucked at James’ heartstrings.

He also shared the story behind Slave to the Music saying he was drunk in LA and trying to write but struggling when he thought ‘What would Michael Jackson do?’ The result was a rhythm rather than emotional led tune which had us all bopping about. Easy Love was equally infectious but the mood then changed drastically for If You Don't Wanna Love Me which showcased his whisky-warm voice and was almost a torch song.

I drifted off a little during I Need you Tonight but was brought back by a heavy rock take on his next couple of songs.

An insulting number of people talked there way through his first encore track, an extremely emotional solo version of Just Like a Child. But he thankfully drowned them out and brought us full circle with Undiscovered and first hit You Give Me Something. Although this perhaps demonstrated he still hasn’t got quite enough confidence to trust the audience to stay the course without this hits as a carrot.

He then took us back to the end, performing the final, and title, track from his latest album Higher Than Here which seemed a fitting and uplifting end to a well-rounded and highly enjoyable gig that showed this singer-songwriter has still got plenty to offer.