Laura Enfield

Pharrell proved he is not only possibly the happiest man on earth but also has the ability to make those around him happy.

His set was absurdly feel-good with new songs Lose Yourself to Dance and Marilyn Monroe getting the crowd bouncing. It did grate slightly when he asked 'where are the girls who want to be different?' Different from what Pharrel? But you can't be mad at man who does a cover of Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl, NERD's She Wants to Move and almost manages to make Blurred Lines classy. And of course he finished with Happy.

In contrast Kanye West seemed intent on alienizing his audience, performing the first two songs at a distance and wearing a weird chainmail hood covering his entire face. To be fair he got the crowd going and 40 minutes in we were all chanting along to Clique. But then he began to rant. And it began to rain. And many people made a quick exit, me included.


Mitch Newson

'I'm arrogant and shy' claimed Kanye West during his second night headlining at Wireless. He perhaps should have described himself as a nonconformist.

After all, how many rappers stop their set for the second night running to go on another angry rant?

The answer is very few. Simply because people are there to listen to their favourite artists sing or rap their favourite hits. Not to hear someone embark on a 20 minute alienating tirade.

He was a stand-in for Drake and opened his set with three of Toronto rapper’s songs, a nice touch but his rant saw some fans head for the exits; others chanted "we want Drake" or booed.

He did manage to get the majority of the crowd back onside by the end of his set but others remained disgruntled.

Ultimately it was an enjoyable second day though. B.O.B opened the main stage and was energetic and entertaining and indulged in a bit of crowd surfing. London’s own Labrinth was excellent. He claimed he hadn’t slept for four days as he worked on his album but it didn’t show and the crowd bounced to Earthquake and Got Frisky. He also played new materiel from his forthcoming album which was well received.

Rudimental were joined by John Newman and the energy they brought with their upbeat hits such as Not Giving In and Feel The Love was the perfect way to build-up the audience for Kanye, whose set is likely be remembered for the wrong reasons.


Laura Enfield

 Original girl power rappers Salt-n-Pepa absolutely stormed the stage on Sunday afternoon smashing out song after sing with just as much attitude as ever. After 27 years in the industry they looked amazing in body-baring outfits as they strutted along to Tramp, Shoop, Whatta Man, Let's Talk About Sex and ,of course, Push It. I fell in love with them all over again.

Ellie Goulding was the surprise of the day, her voice more than standing up to the live, outdoor show and her relentless energy making sure fans got their money's worth.

Expectations were high when OutKast took to the stage. after reforming to mark their 20th anniversary. Songs such as Roses and Ms. Jackson sounded as fresh as ever and Andre 2000's famous zany personality didn't disappoint as he performed push-ups in a jumpsuit emblazoned with 'I've never been to afrika'.

Bruno Mars once again proved he is hard to beat as a live performer, his 'look back' section of covers he used to perform, such as That Girl is Poison, was obscenely goo . He voice is even better live and his retro stylings, sexy horn section, hip thrusting and outrageous flirting meant that by the end it wasn't just the flaming pirotecnics that were hot, hot, hot.