His latest and third album, Caustic Love, has a more weighty feel to it and while he still possesses puppyish good looks, Paolo Nutini proved at Roundhouse that he has become a perform who commands an audience's attention.

His simple stage set-up, a great bluesy band and bold, almost James Bond-esque visuals, suits the Camden venue and lets the music do the talking.

If you've listened to his earlier two albums and not be sold, tried the third and not been swayed, don't write him off as you really do need to go and see him live.

His voice is actually better in person than on recordings and dominates the evening.

The upbeat Scream (Funk My Life Up) and funky So Fine are crowd-pleasers and things begin to heat up nicely with Better Man. You can almost hear the heats fluttering as he throws boyish looks at the rapt crowd and drawls a word or two in his thick Scottish accent and he plays up to this, drawing screams of joy as he takes off his leather jacket.

Where he may have misjudged slightly is with the number of reworkings of his songs. One of his most well-known hits New Shoes is just a line or two as part of a medley and Pencil Full of Lead, which could have provided a well-placed breather from the soulful slow songs, was given a synthy make-over.

He may have been trying to match the more mature sound of his newer material but deprived us of the fun, bouncy vibe that caught so many of our ears originally.

That said his performance of Iron Sky made me fall in love with his more sombre tone all over again.

With a voice like his, a songwriting skills that he is allowing to develop naturally (it took him five years to release Caustic Love) it's clear there is much more to be seen from this 27-year-old.

I for one can't wait to see what he does next