Forget clown like colours and modern technology, this charming show embraces faded vintage glamour and a more heartfelt approach.

There are no big backdrops and while the performers take to the stage in a considered manner the overall look is purposely ramshackle, enhanced by lively gypsy music, even when they are poised in tableau on the tightrope.

The quirky fantasy world of the Red River House, where a circus family lives bearing names such as The Middle Aged Bell Boy and The Keeper of Time, will appeal to those who like the surreal.

Playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer has written a romance based around The Distant One who falls in love with a sailor and slips away from the house to go and find him.

Alex Mizzen totally embodies the role, with wonderfully detailed birdlike movements but in taking her character so far perhaps fails to connect with the audience so it is hard to feel sympathy for her plight.

The writing also because overly poetic at times and "Birds, as everyone knows, are simply clocks with feathers," just felt a little cringeworthy.

In contrast handsome David Carberry charmed the audience as the Strong Man, dazzling us with his standing split leap over a cyclist and knowing eyebrow raises.

But it was Mozes who stole the show as the Stoic One, silent and strong, with no swords needed, as he spun into a blur on the ropes and performed heart-stopping catch and releases on the trapeze.

The tightrope routine, although more lowrope at about seven feet of the stage, featured mind-boggling feats with bicycles, hoops and performers balancing on each others shoulders. The less lofty level actually made it easier, if not as terrifying, to watch.

I admire the creators Company 2 for wanting to push the creative boundaries of circus but felt the best parts of the show were easily these sections where the storytelling fell away and the performers skills were simply allowed to shine through.

What really made it special was the heart put into it by all performers.

She Would Walk the Sky runs until April 17 and CircusFest runs until April 27.

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