These days we like to think we've seen it all, every weird, wonderful, depraved, shocking, amazing act there is.

Never have I seen a woman getting dressed while swinging back and forth hanging from her hair. Until now that is.

Capilotractées is a new show by Finnish artists, Sanja Kosonen and Elice Abonce Muhonen performed as part of CircusFest at the Roundhouse.

But the art of hair hanging is actually very, very old and a closely guarded secret.

Most people wince at a sharp hair tug so imagine the ouch factor of suspending all your body weight, and that of a 55kg partner from a metal ring plaited into your tresses.

The look is creates, with eyebrows pulled up beyond the realms of possibility, is one of strained surprise and so the duo decided to play on this rather than try and distract from it.

The result is a wonderfully, crazily, indescribably weird show which included a horse head puppet, a dress of hair, a medley of hair-themed songs and a stuffed bird.

Sounds random doesn't it? It was. And there were moments when they lost me.

But there were also many, many moments when their arched sideways looks and deadpan stating of the obvious "music", "hair elastic" had us in stitches.

There were some truly artistic moments of pure theatrical circus, when they transformed hair hanging from something ridiculous into a celebration of the elegant female form, made all the more impressive by the fact one of them appeared to be pregnant.

This is a show that will stay in the memory for years.

CircusFest continues at Roundhouse and Jacksons Lane until April 27.