Jack and his band came on stage with little fanfare bursting straight into the energetic guitar-led music he is known for with 2013 non-album single Written in Scars.

The chorus "We are the revolution, we want it all tonight" certainly got the crowd warmed up but didn't really ring true lyrically.

Sweet Hurt and other summery songs went down well, partly due to the lovely warm day the audience had been enjoying beforehand.

Jack was a bit nervous and it showed as he swigged quickly on his beer. When he finally spoke after a few songs he told the crowd they were trying to play it cool but were not used to play gigs of this size and it was "F***ing amazing".

He seemed to loosen up after that and Vagabond , Broken Glass and the catchy Take Me Home went by in a blink.

Jack's voice, which is naturally sexier than salted caramel, is easy to listen to he never over performs songs.

His band were an interesting mix to watch and listen to with a blonde, basketball cap wearing drummer, a bassist the "epitome of sophistication" a 60s soul sister backing singer, who seemed a bit left out stuck at the back of the stage, and a sexy Brazilian hipster guitarist.

He sent them all away except the guitarist for a paired back version of Mother with it's opening lyrics "They killed a man for doing wrong today" and many people were entranced by the haunting melody. A lot of people also seemed intent on catching up on the gossip or ordering their next drink at the bar so Jack clearly still has some way to go.

Not Worthy and Knock Knock are definite earworm material though and a good place to start if you've not listened to his music before.

He brought support act Madison Violet back out on stage for an encore of The Proposal and Come Shine a Light and their skilled guitar playing and vocals added an extra, pleasing depth to the music.

Jack has been compared to Bob Dylan and at times you can see why. With his tousled Italian good looks and husky voice it's also easy to compare him to James Morrison and Paolo Nutini and I can't see why him has not found equal success as them with any of his three albums.

Perhaps he can be accused of being a touch too earnest and soulful at times and it would be nice to see him mix it up with something slightly grittier and break some new ground.

If he truly wants to walk alongside the greats such as folk pioneer Dylan it is clear he needs to find a stronger voice and make sure it stands out clearly from the crowd.

Setlist Written In Scars Sweet Hurt Before the Storm Breaking The Rules Vagabond Broken Glass Take Me Home Crazy Fool Soldier's Eyes Mother Not Worthy The Hurt Lifetime Jack In A Box Knock Knock Encore: The Proposal Come Shine a Light