Adetokundo Oyelola – known affectionately as T to his friends – knew he would never be a singer at a very early age. “My parents loved music and would encourage me, my brother and five sisters to entertain at family events,” warmly recounts T. “But despite wanting to sing, I heard my voice, and decided not to continue.”

Instead, T became the “chief” family events organiser. “I’d tell people where to sit and help mum in the kitchen.”

It seems those innocent pastimes of bringing entertainment and people together helped form T’s management skills later on in life. While still at Kingston University he formed Black Grape Cartel, which was initially a collective of musicians, dancers and comedians, who travelled around universities in the UK showcasing their talents. Just a year after fininshing university he became involved with producing a cookery show called Hot Stove for Passion TV.

“My mum really educated us on eating good food – so I’ve always been passionate about it.“ The Nigerian-born entrepreneur, credits his parents for his business acumen. His father was a Brigadier General in the Nigerian army and mother a doctor of philosophy and a lecturer.

Sadly, both his parents passed away and have not seen this 25-year-old’s successes behind the careers of MOBO award-winning saxophonist YolanDa Brown and award-winning comedian, Eddie Kadi – to name but a few on his roster for Black Grape Productions. “It’s named after the drink I used to have in the recording studios,” explains T. “I also think it explains my business: each grape is a different aspect of it.”

Like all prosperous businessmen, T’s fulfillment doesn’t lie in the accolades he receives for his hard work, but in finding new enterprises.

He recently took on his biggest venture to date by opening up his own music venue and restaurant. Two weeks’ ago, in a blaze of celebrity endorsement, the aptly named Black Grape Music Venue and Gastro Bar, located on West Green Road, Tottenham was launched.

“We chose this area because firstly I grew up here. And secondly, there is no other venue like it. I want it to have the kudos of being a place you have to visit in London other than the West End for live concerts and exhibitions. I don’t mean black entertainment, I mean entertainment that will showcase a range of top international and homegrown UK artists – including my own.”