What is the new album Colours inspired by?

It's inspired by what we were about years ago - it's very much a Motowny, with a bit of soul and a bit of pop album and I think Blue were known for that back in the day. We wanted to take it back to the old school and tell the world what we are about.

When did you start work on it.

September. I don't understand when bands take 15 years 'what are you doing man? Just get on with it'. We had a tight schedule because of Webby doing Strictly and stuff and then I was working during Christmas so it was really hard to get the schedule done. But we are pros, we have done it for years and know each other inside and out and it really works.

Have you written anything for it.

Yeah me and Simon co-write Nothing Like You which is on the album and is a very Sam Smithy type vibe. We think he's phenomenal and he was our inspiration in terms of that sort of sound. It's really nice to use people's emotions and how they sing with a bit of Blue flavour. There's four different covers on there as well so it's a really lovely, good-shaped album. I'm really proud of it.

Is there lots of messing around in the studio?

Yeah a little bit but when we have got to knuckle down and work we knuckle down and work. We aint got the energy to keep mucking about.

Is going on tour a different experience these days?

Yeah it's all about getting out there and working and there's no aftershow parties and all that and what people think there is. It's getting off the bus, warming your voice up, getting ready, getting focussed, going on stage, coming off, shaking a few hands, saying a few hellos and then going to the next venue. It's changed a lot but it's changed for the better. We are happy and can't wait to get back out there.

Back in the day you were known for your partying ways weren't you?

Yeah- and why not? If you asked any 19-year-old if they would be in band, tell me who would say no. We had our fair share of fun, me and the boys, we went to a few good parties and can sit and talk to our grandkids about them when they are older. But for us it's all about the here and now.

It's been in the press about your bankruptcy and problems you had because of that though. Do you regret it or would you do it all again?

The only thing I regret is not being careful with money but we all had a good time and you know what I have got my health and I'm happy and have my family and I'm doing what I love doing. There are people who are mega rich who are so stressed but I'm happy.

You grew up in north London- when did you start getting into music?

I was an Edgware boy and lived in Golders Green and was always performing, I was the joker of the class, not the clown but class entertainer. I went to Sharon Harris in Wembley and Flash Musicals which is run by a guy called Terry and his family and he used to put on shows for youngsters in the Edgware area. It was lovely and stood me in good stead and that's why I went on to singing in pubs when I was 16- a place called Big Hand Moe's an old karaoke club, Cafe Edge, that's all I remember.

Is that when you realised you wanted to be a performer?

Yeah the feeling you get when people applaud you or if they laugh is such a great buzz.

Where do you live now- you seem to have moved around a lot?

I'm near Stanstead. I love moving around but I think I will settle down a bit now. I love the country- London is too manic for me now.

And you're planning to get married?

Yeah by the end of the year- we're really excited.

Are you or the Blue boys going to be singing at it?

No I can't be doing with that it's so cheesy, so not me.

Have you got to be more careful with your money and get good advice this time around?

Yeah we have got good people around us who tell us what to do and how to save. I don't want to dwell on that because money isn't the be all and end all. It's about your family and having food people around you.

What advice would you give young musicians going into the business?

I would say enjoy it. You have got to work at it and learn your trade but don't take it too seriously.

What does the future hold for Blue?

We have got a two album deal with Sony so hopefully we will go back in the studio next year and do another one.

Blue's album Colours is out now.

They will perform at Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road on Sunday, March 29. Details: roundhouse.org.uk, officialblue.tv