When I go on the occasional spa day, I always struggle to choose between a facial or massage. These are my favourite health and beauty treatments, but I cannot decide which I value more.

However much to my surprise – and joy – a brand new exclusive treatment available at 2017’s Clarins Gold Salon of the Year combines both.

As part of the award Clarins, French luxury skin care and cosmetics group, has created a bespoke treatment for a limited time only, this is only available to the award winner Winchmores Hair & Beauty, owned by Sue Burgess.

The treatment last an incredible one hour and 50 minutes. It includes a facial, décolleté massage and then either a scalp, hand or foot treatment.

Just thinking about it now is making my shoulders tingle. I do not exaggerate when I say it was absolute bliss.

Throughout the decadently long treatment, I lay wrapped in a light sheet while the highly capable hands of the therapist went from face to body, to body to face, alternating the treatments and allowing the incredible relaxation to remain seamless. I have to admit I dozed off towards the end, it is very easy to do in such excessively soothing circumstances.

After a facial analysis done simply through touch, the therapist could tell that I had mostly good skin that was slightly dehydrated around the edges. She also asked what concerns I had, to which I replied that ageing (as I creep closer to 30 and lines begin to embed) was my main concern.

She asked me about my skincare regime, which I hesitantly explained was lacking, and then she was able to ascertain the best products to use throughout the treatment.

My face was cleansed and creamed and soaked in incredible products, all made from natural ingredients. There was a lot of patting motions for application, which she later explained was the best way to apply lotions so as not to drag the skin and contribute to any sagging.

Throughout the facial, as various Clarins potions were left to work their magic on my face, she used hot stones to massage my upper body, laboriously working out my horrendous knots. It was wonderful and like I said, just thinking about it is bringing back those delicious sensations.

I have had a few massages in my life, nowhere near as many as I’d like, but so far what I experienced at Winchmores Hair & Beauty was by far the best.

At the end the therapist talked me through the products she had used, gave me a list of recommendations to consider purchasing, and even let me leave with a few free samples.

These included Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream, made with Moringa which has vitamin A (what retinol is derived from, a popular anti-wrinkle ingredient) and is exceptionally rich in vitamin C which is anti-ageing, protects against sun damage, high in antioxidants and brightens the skin.

Another stand out product was the Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion – perfect for my dehydrated skin, the Multi Active Eye cream with a metal end that is best kept in the fridge so it can cool eyes while being applied.

For the body a decadent exfoliator, Tonic Body Polisher, with essential oils of Rosemary, Rosewood, Mint, Sugar and Salt Crystals and a wonderfully invigorating smell. Perfect for mornings showers. This came recommended with the Tonic Body Balm for toned and supple skin all over.

I didn’t buy any on the day but keep thinking back to them wistfully, even after taking home a goodie bag that is given to all who indulge in the exclusive treatment.

Winchmores Hair & Beauty, 3-5 Wades Hill, London, N21 1BD. Details: 020 8882 7909