Ghastly goings on have been terrorising a quiet corner of Enfield.

Eden Lodge is a full-length feature film shot within the borough and at Bush Hill Park Golf Club, Palmers Green and parts of Hertfordshire.

It opens with a gruesome scene involving two young female campers, a hunters trap and a shotgun.

When a couple and their baby are stranded in a nearby country lane at night they find their only option is to seek refuge at a local guest house run by a god-fearing old lady.

A series of grisly murders leaves them fighting for their lives and trying to work out how to stop the killer.

The film is the brainchild of Enfield director Andreas Prodromou and producer John Kyriacou who was born in Chase Farm, went to Brimsdown Junior School and then Kingsmead Senior School and has lived in Enfield his entire life.

It is the first feature film by their company Lost Boy Pictures Ltd in Alexandra Road and was dreamt up back in 2012 when they were both struggling to get their first individual film projects off the ground.

It is inspired by their love for classic horror films like Pyscho, Halloween, the Exorcist, the Shining and Cape Fear.

John says: "There were many challenges filming a low budget horror movie, weather seemed to be against us. Just imagine, being stuck in the middle of the woods, torrential rain pouring down, suddenly the generators stop working, we lose all lighting.

"We finally make the decision to give up due to all these unforeseen circumstances, load the pick up truck with equipment and actors to only move five feet as the truck is stuck tight in mud."

They escaped eventually but also had to battle against gusts of wind that made equipment topple onto cars, freak snow showers and the noise and colour of Bonfire Night fireworks."

But John can't deny they had a lot of fun filming it.

"The most fun scenes to film were most definitely the kill scenes; using blood and gore, stabbings, gashes, prosthetic arms, special effects, branch cutters and bear traps all used to surely make your cringe with fear."

Eden Lodge is available now on DVD.