Discover corners of South Enfield and North Haringey you might not know and the stories of the people who live and work there at the HERE Film Festival.

It challenged filmmakers to create a short about the area and the best four ideas were commissioned to be made especially for the event which runs until May and features mainly small independent British productions that have some connection with the area.

Ponders End

The film is written, produced and directed by Walthamstow-based filmmaker Kieron Clark and shot by a team of north London filmmakers. It tells the story of Peter, played by veteran actor Tony Wredden, a grumpy widower in his 70s, who shares his small suburban house in Ponders End with hipster couple Tom and Lucy. As we watch Peter interact with them and hear him talk about a happy family life of his own, we come to realise that he is in fact a ghost, who still feels very tied to the house and area.

The Ballade of the New River Path

A comic short that offers a small glimpse into the world of Palmers Green local Sophie (Madeleine MacMahon), who has an all consuming fondness for her local waterway.

Filmmaker Flora Bradwell says: “I first stumbled across the New River Path a few years ago and was struck by how it offers urban, suburban and even rural encounters. The New River is a complete contradiction, neither a river nor particularly new, it felt like an obvious starting point for a story.

“We shot the film on location in my flat in Harringey, the camera operator’s flat in Palmers Green and at the New River Path. With the majority of the crew being north Londoners, the project had a very local vibe.“


This film is about an injured knight that returns home to 21st Century Palmers Green. Filmmaker Harriet Macdonald, who is originally from Tasmania, says: “The inspiration came from the roots of Palmers Green, how it started as just a road in the 12th Century during the knights’ crusades and how it’s name means pilgrim. The main character is a knight, but it’s all about feeling you belong in a big town.“ Harriet had to face various challenges while creating the short film such as losing her production job and re-scheduling as the main actor was called onto a shoot in LA, but says: “It was a good challenge to turn negativity into creative energy.

“We shot in various spots including the bus depot and Bon Appetite in central Palmers Green. It was a great to transform them into dreamlike places as the knight would see them.“

Platform 1

You might have seen Jessica Bishopp filming her documentary about Annita’s Café and its customers on Palmers Green Station.

It is a snapshot of the people and commuters who pass by and get their coffee and Jess, who is not from the area, lived with Annita during the week of filming so she could be there when the café opened at 5.30am.

She says: “I am inspired by the small details in our daily routines that go unnoticed. It was an insightful and amazing experience watching and filming sleepy people waking up on camera – some people did ask me to stop filming them, but most people just accepted it, and some even decided to share aspects of their lives with me.“

The quartet of films will premier on Wednesday, April 15 from 7pm at The Fox on Green Lanes in Palmers Green. Details: