Saturday's Doctor Who series finale looks set to be a cracker if these pictures are anything to go by.

The Cybermen are well and truly back and menacingly marching across planet earth and last week their controller Missy has been revealed to be the Master's new incarnation.

In a teaser trailer for the episode, echoing the moment before she zapped poor old Seb, Missy whispers "Say something nice," and the Doctor replies: "You win".

But there are still so many questions to be answered.

What exactly is Missy's planning? And why is she screaming with seeming frustration at the Doctor Will Danny and the other people trapped in the 'Nethersphere' become Cybermen?

What will happen to Clara if she doesn't get her man back?

And exactly how many selfies will people take before they realise they are quite possibly all about to be killed?

The series eight finale of Doctor Who will air on BBC One on November 8 at 8pm.