An iconic Imperial AT-AT walker from Star Wars created entirely from Meccano and other space-themed creations will be part of a special exhibition at this year's London Model Engineering Exhibition.

The 20th annual event returns to Ally Pally from January 15 to 17 and as well as being packed with hundreds of displays from traction engines to model ships and remote control trucks to aeroplanes it will also commemorate the 50th anniversary of cult television show Star Trek.

A special feature display will include a Meccano model created by Reverend Philip Webb, chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen whose previous creations have been used for window displays at Liberty’s London.

Enfield Independent:

By Reverend Philip Webb

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Enfield Independent:

You can also marvel at a display marking the 80th anniversary of the Supermarine Spitfire, models of historical ships such as HMS Victory and HMS Vanguard built by Alex McFadyen and the Spithead Review, a set of around 600 tiny 1:1200 scale models of iconic ships providing a visual history of 3,000 years of naval warfare.

The collection has been a 33-year labour of love for Jack Snary from Cheshunt with each ship taking about 40 hours to construct and the collection insured for £60,000.