That is the hope of Haringey artist Graeme Messer who has opened his new exhibition The Art of Love and how to avoid it at The Karamel Club.

“A lot of my work deals with the difficulties of growing up gay in a predominantly straight environment,“ he says.

“In making the piece I was interested in bringing two opposite stereotypes together – creating a very camp over-the-top wig – and yet making it out of little macho man figures. “Here the usual stereotype of the big strong muscle man is subverted and the macho men come across as being tiny.

“The eyes on the head are from a photo of myself aged about eight and I can remember struggling with the need to compete and impress in the male dominated world that I grew up in, and how I found my own unique ways of achieving this, usually through art and performance.“

He is running a competition alongside the exhibition for the public to suggest a title for the artwork – with the proceeds going to Diversity Role Models – a charity that tackles homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in UK schools.

The Karamel Club, The Chocolate Factory, Coburg Road, Wood Green, until May 1. Details: