"It's the first time I’ve cashed in on my name,” confesses Scarlet Page, daughter of Jimmy, talking about how she managed to photograph more than 25 of the world’s greatest guitarists for her series Resonators.

“But I think after 20 years that’s allowed.”

A selection of the stunning images are on display at Arthouse in Crouch End, including one of her famous father who Scarlet says is ‘just Dad’.

The 43-year-old, who can be seen in the 1976 Led Zeppelin movie The Song Remains the Same, says: “I had a really normal upbringing. It wasn’t particularly rock ‘n’ roll. My dad was touring a lot and I was going to school and was happy when he came home.

"I was 16 before I realised they (Led Zeppelin) were quite good.”

But the mother-of-two, who now lives in Pangbourne, was happy to utilise her dad’s connections for this project as it is in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, a cause close to her heart after the disease claimed the lives of two loved ones.

Until now the University of Westminster graduate has carved her own path of success in photography, landing a job with prestigious rock photographer Ross Halfin and going on to shoot performers such as The Beastie Boys, The Verve, Robbie Williams and The Rolling Stones.

Amazingly, she had been taking pictures of bands for almost 20 years before she was finally asked to shoot her father ‘officially’ for a Sunday newspaper. The resulting picture gave her the idea of portraits of other guitar legends.

Scarlet says: “It was hard work approaching all these famous people but I think my heritage may have opened a few doors. I have funded it all myself and it has been tough but I can’t complain, I’ve had an amazing time.”

Sales of the prints have raised £10,000 for the charity and Scarlet is now working on a book of more prints and ‘outtakes’.

Read some of her stories about the stars below.

ArtHouse, Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, until August 6, free to view. Details: arthousecrouchend.co.uk, scarletpage.com, redgiantpublishing.com/resonators-holding/

Enfield Independent:

Slash: “I had been told he wasn’t free but in LA someone in my hotel said they had seen him there and unbelievably I managed to get hold of him. He came in with his case and produce his hat and it was amazing.”

Enfield Independent:

Jimmy Page: “I snap him all the time but this was a bit trickier because I wanted to get the right feel. He was very giving of his time – mainly because he has to be! He’s Dad so I didn’t want it to look too soft.”

Enfield Independent:

Justin Hawkins: “I love the colours and background and this was my reference for the rest of the pictures. He’s the easiest man to photograph. You can take the most ridiculous shots and he’s up for it.”

Enfield Independent:

Paul McCartney: “This was backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel show. I had to set up in the green room and only took ten frames. He was lovely and started singing to me about how I had flown all the way from London.”

Enfield Independent:

Peter Green: “A recluse for years and hard to track down. We ended up in a small broom cupboard-like office in Covent Garden but he looks very much in control. It shows you can make a shot happen anywhere.”

Enfield Independent:

Wilko Johnson: “The first one I shot and he’d recently been diagnosed with cancer. We went to Canvey Island and he was telling me all these amazing Doctor Feelgood stories. He has so much positive energy.”

Enfield Independent:

Steve Jones: “He was quite cagey to begin with but was a soft teddy by the end. He had this jacket made to look like Evil Knievel. He’s the proper Brit living in LA and gives it all ‘apples and pears’.”