There's much more than just an amusing height difference to comedy duo Lucy Trodd, 6ft 1in, and Ruth Bratt, 5ft 4in.

The Haringey double-act have just landed their big break, performing a four-part sketch series on BBC Radio 4, and are looking forward to letting their jokes and not their appearances do the talking.

But while their vertically challenging pairing won’t be on the show Trodd en Bratt say ”Well Done You”, which has its first airing on Thursday, it will showcase other contrasts.

Lucy says: ”On stage I’m very open and airy-fairy and Ruth is very emotionally repressed.

”She’s from the comedy circuit and likes stand up and I’m from the serious side and like poetry and dance. They are stage personalities, but not far from real life.”

Ruth says one area where they definitely sync up is their humour.

”We are differently but equally funny. Lucy is hilarious and can make me laugh more than anyone. There are days when we were writing and almost puking with laughter.”

The duo now live just around the corner from each other in Haringey, but had very different paths into showbusiness.

Luton-born performing arts graduate Lucy, who has always wanted to be a serious actress, finally crossed paths with Orpington-raised Ruth, who previously wanted to be a human rights lawyer, in 2008 on the set of improvised musical Showstoppers.

It is co-produced by Ruth’s partner Adam Meddigo and also stars Lucy’s husband Oliver Senton. Both men also help out as male characters in Well Done You.

”Yes, we keep it all in the family,” laughs Lucy, 35, who can’t remember when they started writing together, saying: ”We just used to muck about and put on wigs and hats and make up characters,” while Ruth, 38, rattles off a list of dates chronicling the various stages of their partnership.

They landed the prestigious BBC gig after a producer from Lucky Giant saw their Edinburgh show in 2012 and suggested they pitch to Radio 4, and recorded it in front of a live studio audience at the RADA Studios in April.

Lucy says: ”I’m very excited because it’s an amazing achievement. But there’s also that apprehension of how it will land. There’s bound to be mixed opinions.

”Normally you have to do a pilot first, but they gave us a whole series and I keep thinking someone is going to say ’No, we got it wrong’.”

The show will feature characters like The Divas, two 1940s film noir-style ladies who live in a lighthouse and constantly procrastinate about who should put the light on, oblivious to the sailors being dashed to death on the rocks behind them, and Lucy says a lot of their comedy comes from being a bit awkward, something she is familiar with.

”I always did school plays and tried to be really serious, but when you are 6ft 1in and the boys are just over 5ft it does end up as comedy,” says Lucy who says she loves improv because of ”the freedom to be anyone and not be typecast by what you look like”.

It is the mother-of-one’s first foray into “proper” radio and she says: ”I had a lot to learn, even down to how to turn a page quietly.”

Ruth, on the other hand, is a veteran, having starred in Sarah Millican’s Support Group on BBC Radio 4 Extra and alongside Ricky Gervais in Derek.

”It was terrifying,” she says remembering the audition. ”You are sitting in a waiting room next to a massive cardboard cut-out of Ricky Gervais.

”He’s very excited by stuff and very focused, but if he finds you funny you know it pretty quickly. I did make him laugh.

”Sadly my gran in the show died, so I won’t be back, but it’s a great thing to have on your CV.”

Trodd en Bratt say ”Well Done You” will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on June 19 and 26 and July 3 and 10 at 11pm.