Comedian Terry Alderton has been in the stand up business for 25 years. The 43-year-old Essex comedian, who has just landed a part as Terry Spraggan in EastEnders (Bianca Butcher’s boyfriend), is set to appear at Stand Up for Bowel Cancer. He chats to Amie Mulderrig while on a break from filming a scene in EastEnders.

Why did you decide to take part in Stand Up for Bowel Cancer?

Terry Alderton: Mickey Hutton is a friend of mine, he put it out there that he was doing the show. I thought, what a great cause, I’ll support that.

Do you think bowel cancer gets less exposure than other forms of cancer? Why?

I was thinking about this last night. I don’t think enough is done for male cancers, I know bowel isn’t just predominantly male, but I think of it as being one. Men are always a bit guarded about things like that. But this is raising awareness and getting yourself checked. People are a little bit embarrassed about the area, but they shouldn’t be. We’ve all got backsides.

What are you doing for the show?

You could call it a stand up routine, you can call it whatever you want. I’ll be doing something. You can call it comedy (guffaws) – a car crash. On stage. A train wreck. I won’t be doing Danny Dire (parody of Danny Dyer).

Is it a cause particularly close to you, do you know anyone who has been affected by bowel cancer?

I went to India and I had a lot of troubles when I came back. So I had to have a colonscopy, where they put a camera inside and look around. Thankfully I was all clear, but it’s really important that people get themselves checked out. We live in a country where you can see a doctor quite easily, so you should.

Is this just like any other gig for you, or is there more pressure involved?

Nah, no pressure. After 25 years, I just get up and do it.

Will you be sporting a beard for bowel cancer’s Decembeard?

I can’t, I’ve got a part on EastEnders. Unless I can get it in the storyline somehow...

How is it working on EastEnders?

Bit weird. When you walk into the kitchen and there’s David Wickes, Carol and Bianca sitting around the kitchen table. At the beginning all I could think was, what a trip out. But now I know them, it’s getting more... normal. Plus I knew a few of them beforehand – Perry Fenwick (Billy), Shane Richie (Alfie).

Why should we come to the show?

It’s to raise money for charity on the door. I’m on, Paul Tonkinson is on... so I’m hoping the rest the bill are as good as we are (chuckles).

Who else are you looking forward to seeing on the bill?

To be honest, it’ll be like hanging out with all my mates. I don’t do comedy clubs anymore, so it’ll be great to share something with everyone, and see a few faces I’ve not seen in a while.

Why is it important to support bowel cancer?

I’ve been lucky in my life so far, lucky in my career, with my family. So, without trying to sound like a martyr, it’s great to be giving something back. Time is a precious thing, I’m glad I can support bowel cancer with some stand up.

What’s on your rider?

One beer. One redbull.

What makes you laugh?

Kids swearing. Dogs wiping their arses. Dog pulling themselves along on their bums. I can watch that sh*t on YouTube for hours. And old school comedians, like Steve Martin.

Stand Up for Bowel Cancer is at the Shaw Theatre, Euston Road, Euston on Wednesday, December 4.