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SEO reporter for Newsquest sites across the UK. Meeting audiences where they are by answering questions with content, including urgent breaking news, lifestyle and entertainment coverage, trending sports and more.

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Photos via PA show Dame Jacqueline Wilson and Jamelia, inset. Photo of Sky via Sky.
Photos via PA show 10 Downing Street and foreign secretary Liz Truss.
Exterior of the Orange is the new Black pod at the Bed n Binge retreat, the world’s first binge-watching hotel. Photo via PA.
Photo via Canva/Pixabay.
Photos via Tripadvisor show delicious dishes from Maltby, Chadwicks Inn.
Photos via Tripadvisor show dishes from The Angel at Hetton, top, and The Star Inn at Harome below.
Photos via PA/Aldi show the dupe of Hotel Chocolat's Velvetiser.
Photo via Live Nation/Sigrid.
Photos of Aldi and Lidl via PA.
Photos via Tripadvisor show delicious dishes from The Rattle Owl, left, and Melton's, right.