We have a fox’s earth near our garden. The vixen had three cubs back in the spring and we have enjoyed the wildlife scenario acted out each day.

The vixen has successfully reared and cared for her cubs, who are now on their way to being independent.

To my horror, I have discovered that somebody is trapping them in a wire cage. The foxes are lured to the bait within the cage, where the trapping mechanism is activated.

The end result is extermination, after potentially being trapped for many hours. This will cause them unnecessary suffering and stress.

This practice, as highlighted by the National Foxes Welfare Society, is considered to be ineffective and cruel as a means of removing foxes.

There are many other humane methods for the control of foxes.

Now that fox hunting has been banned by law, are we prepared to tolerate this inhumane method of fox removal?

M Marmery

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