Don’t let there be a repeat of the 2011 riots

3:59pm Thursday 17th July 2014

I write regarding the relentless break-ins and muggings in the Enfield Wash area, with great concern.

Helping to stop animal cruelty

3:57pm Thursday 17th July 2014

Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Enfield for their generosity in raising £76.43 as part of this year’s annual street collection on June 28.

Thank you for handing bag in

3:54pm Thursday 17th July 2014

I would like to say a big thank you to the kind person who found my bag at Forty Hall on the day of the craft fair, and handed it in at reception.

Fly-tipping is getting worse

3:53pm Thursday 17th July 2014

I write to ask how Enfield Borough Council, with all the fly-tipping in the borough, can calmly act as if it is not happening?

A big struggle to get any support

3:51pm Thursday 17th July 2014

As a resident of Enfield, I would like to highlight and hear other residents responses regarding any issues with council tax or housing, the automated system of contact and the struggle to gain any consistency to support, which includes lengthy timescales.

Experience of ward quite the opposite

Enfield Independent:

3:49pm Thursday 17th July 2014

I read with interest your reader’s letter praising Napier ward for the care her mother received recently (‘Hospital staff deserve a medal for the work they do’, Opinion, July 2) at Chase Farm Hospital.

Where are the street cleaners?

3:45pm Thursday 17th July 2014

Has anyone seen a street cleaner in EN2 for the past three weeks? I am constantly picking up bits of litter from outside my house and in the local streets. I need the help of the street cleaners, who seem to have vanished recently (unlike the litter itself which is accumulating rapidly).

More pressing issues to address than parking

4:46pm Thursday 10th July 2014

After receiving another fine (at present £50) for the major felony of a parking offence – I am curious to discover where my money will go.

Reason to be very concerned

4:44pm Thursday 10th July 2014

Concern is rising about the London Ambulance Service (LAS). The number of paramedics leaving the profession in London has almost trebled in the last three years, according to a new report.

Parking at new shops is silly

4:41pm Thursday 10th July 2014

While I would be the last to complain about the extra jobs that are coming to Enfield on the A10 retail park, it does bring to light issues around shopping there.

Commit to teaching gender equality

4:39pm Thursday 10th July 2014

As William Hague convenes ministers from around the world at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, women in South Sudan are being tied up and raped as they try to seek safety from the conflict there.

Road space should have increased

4:36pm Thursday 10th July 2014

I am writing in response to R P Blows (‘Car-cultists demand temples to parking’, Opinion, June 18) and K Brown (‘Cycle highway? Doomed!’, Opinion, June 18).

Volunteers need encouragement

4:34pm Thursday 10th July 2014

Two or more years ago there was a group of volunteers called the Street Hawks – a small dedicated band of people who were co-ordinated by one council staff employee as part of her job, to encourage, hold meetings and organise groups to remove large and small fly-tips from all over the borough.

Where have all the road repair workmen gone?

1:32pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Roadworks, roadworks everywhere, But where’s the workforce? No one’s there.

Time to support Cycle Enfield

1:28pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014

I disagree with Andy Pagin that lack of training is to blame for cyclists’ deaths (‘Lack of training is to blame’, Opinion, June 25).

Cycling training is not only solution to preventing accidents

1:25pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Whilst I agree with Andy Pagin (‘Lack of training is to blame’, Opinion, June 25) that providing cycle training is essential and, as a cyclist, I too deplore cyclists breaking the Highway Code, Mr Pagin’s perception of the causes of accidents is not correct.

Caring people help elderly dementia sufferer

1:21pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014

I would publicly like to express my deepest gratitude to the kind person or persons who found my elderly mother, who suffers from dementia, wandering on the Hertford Road in Ponders End during the early hours of Monday, June 23.

Seeking information on World War Two pilot

1:18pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014

I have been researching the collision of two Hawker Typhoon aircraft over south-eastern Kent in July 1944 with a view to producing a small booklet about the crash and other Second World War events that happened around Wootton in Kent.

Staff who 'laughed and cried with us' deserve a medal

Enfield Independent:

1:15pm Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Having just had the privilege of spending the last five weeks of my mum’s life at her bedside at Chase Farm Hospital, I can honestly say that the staff there deserve a medal for the work they do.

Council should restart collecting items for free

Enfield Independent: Items left on Lincoln Road in Enfield

3:49pm Thursday 26th June 2014

Fly-tipping hasn’t reduced in Lincoln Road, Enfield. Enfield Borough Council used to collect items free, but now charge – hence more fly-tipping.

Don’t be so arrogant

3:43pm Thursday 26th June 2014

Councillor Nick Dines is right to argue that Labour councillors should not be so arrogant as to dismiss the idea to cut the number of them at the civic centre (‘Council should lead from the front’, Opinion, June 11).

Which facility will be next?

3:41pm Thursday 26th June 2014

Further to the comments of Malcolm Loveday (‘Fly-tipping is endemic’, Opinion, June 4), I thoroughly agree with him regarding fly-tipping.

Lack of training is to blame

3:40pm Thursday 26th June 2014

The Tour d’Enfield scheme once again raises the eternal subject of cycling safety and how we can improve the situation.

Stadium claims are incorrect

3:39pm Thursday 26th June 2014

Councillor Chris Bond, the cabinet member for environment at Enfield’s Labour Council, is incorrect on so many issues (‘Fly-tipping has reduced’, Opinion, June 11).

Schools need knife arches

3:37pm Thursday 26th June 2014

As they say prevention is far better than cure. I would like to see an introduction of knife arches in schools where they can be in operation at any time unannounced.

Only take notice when it suits them

3:34pm Thursday 26th June 2014

I write with reference to the letters regarding fly-tipping. Yes, Councillor Chris Bond is right, the Conservatives were in power when the Carterhatch Recycling Centre was closed down, and the residents of Enfield have been blighted with rubbish everywhere ever since.

Large trees on road should be removed

3:32pm Thursday 26th June 2014

In response to Councillor Chris Bond’s letter, I suggest he looks in Colmore Road, EN3, where hundreds of black bags are put around the trees each week.

Problem appears worse than ever

3:31pm Thursday 26th June 2014

I write in response to Councillor Chris Bond’s letter (‘Fly-tipping has reduced’, Opinion, June 11).

March with us against the cuts

3:31pm Thursday 19th June 2014

Why am I going on the No More Austerity demo in London on June 21, 2014? Because I’m angry, that’s why.

Some drivers are just selfish

3:28pm Thursday 19th June 2014

Sometimes being blunt about things is the only way to get the message across. Yes, you can be thoughtful to others and to try explain the problem with lots of red faced ers and ums, but the reality is, if you need to get the message across sometimes you just have to go for it. So here it goes.

Cycle highway? Doomed!

3:22pm Thursday 19th June 2014

GA Musey may ultimately prove correct in his assertion that the mayor’s £110m “Mini-Holland” cycling project is “doomed to failure” due to the essential nature of the car.

Cars are a lifeline for many people

3:19pm Thursday 19th June 2014

I agree with GA Musey that the car is an essential part of family life – and more than that, cars are a lifeline for many elderly and disabled people.

Car-cultists demand temples to parking

3:17pm Thursday 19th June 2014

Over the years, the gospel of the private motor car has been proclaimed with great energy and persistence. But, like other forms of organised religion, the cult of the car has proved to be as much a curse as a blessing.

A triumph for common sense

3:13pm Thursday 19th June 2014

As the lead petitioner in the successful campaign for traffic calming on Hoppers Road, I would like to thank those who voted for myself and my two colleagues in the Green Party, Alison Phillips and Bill Linton, at the recent elections.

Heroes should be honoured

12:21pm Friday 13th June 2014

On Friday (as I do everyday) I asked my children after school how was their day and if anything special happened at school.

Barbecues are selfish

Enfield Independent: Tasty burgers on the barbecue

12:20pm Friday 13th June 2014

Can there be anything more selfish and anti-social than the barbecue?

Trust the teachers

12:18pm Friday 13th June 2014

As the parent of a child in Year 1 who will be required to take the Year 1 phonics screening check in the second week of June (the same week in which she will just be six), I would like to thank all the Year 1 teachers in Enfield schools who do a brilliant job teaching our children to read and to enjoy the experience.

Fly-tipping has reduced

12:18pm Friday 13th June 2014

Can I respond to Malcolm Loveday (‘Fly-tipping is endemic', Opinion, June 4, 2014).

Council should lead from the front

12:16pm Friday 13th June 2014

Councillor George Savva’s rather ungracious letter (‘Commitment to better way of life’, Opinion, June 4, 2014) concerning the Conservative group’s proposal to cut the number of councillors was interesting for a number of reasons.

Banning cars is a non-starter

12:14pm Friday 13th June 2014

David Hughes criticises Bernard King’s attitude towards rat runs (‘We are choking ourselves’, Opinion, May 28, 2014), but more would be created by road closures, which he advocates It could be argued that ‘rat run’ is a misnomer because it is simply traffic finding am alternative route to reach a destination, which all motorists do.

Benefits of volunteering

4:32pm Thursday 5th June 2014

As we mark Volunteers’ Week (June 1-7), I wanted to highlight the many benefits that come with being a volunteer, and maybe inspire readers who were thinking about becoming one, to take the plunge and go for it.

Keeping the balance

4:31pm Thursday 5th June 2014

So the Labour Party won a seat from the Conservatives in Chase Ward.

Thank you for your support

4:30pm Thursday 5th June 2014

I am writing to thank the residents of Bush Hill Park ward for their faith in re-electing me along with my new colleague, Councillor Erin Celebi.

Standing up for residents

4:29pm Thursday 5th June 2014

Following on from the Enfield Borough Council elections, we would like to thank all those who voted for us in Chase ward, particularly those who helped directly with the campaign.

You can’t bank on spelling

4:28pm Thursday 5th June 2014

I was waiting for my wife to complete a transaction in Barclays Bank, in Enfield Town, and whilst seated began to read what they had so carefuly printed on a display unit: “These are examples of some of our stationary aids.”

Prepare your blooms

4:27pm Thursday 5th June 2014

Enfield in Bloom is pleased to announce the start of its 2014 Garden Competition.

Fly-tipping is endemic

4:22pm Thursday 5th June 2014

Regarding Rick Jewell’s letter regarding dumped mattresses (‘Old mattresses belong at the dump’, Opinion, May 21, 2014), it should be remembered that Enfield Borough Council in its wisdom closed Carterhatch Road recycling centre and Enfield now has only one council recycling centre, for a large borough.

Hospital downgrade is a disgrace

Enfield Independent: Enfield council will take legal action over Chase Farm hospital's accident and emergency ward

4:19pm Thursday 5th June 2014

It’s a disgrace Chase Farm Hospital has been downgraded.

Vow to keep council thinking green

4:18pm Thursday 5th June 2014

Enfield Green Party stood at least one candidate in every ward at last month’s local council elections, giving every voter the opportunity to vote Green. We want to thank all those who voted for us.

Commitment to better way of life

4:16pm Thursday 5th June 2014

Despite suffering the worst election result in the history of the borough, Conservative leader Councillor Michael Lavender has delivered on one of his manifesto commitments: the reduction of councillors.

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