Antonia Okwu

Barnet Year 10's ... "Speak Out"

Enfield Independent: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 8:48pm Sunday 8th February 2015

Last Thursday evening I had the great pleasure of sitting on the judging panel of the Barnet Regional Final of the Jack Petchey “Speak Out” Challenge. I found the experience to be mesmerising, inspirational and a timely reminder as to why we should nurture and value our youth as the ambassadors of the ”Better Tomorrow” that we all so frequently advocate and dream about.

Lyall Thomas

What happened in Tottenham's January transfer window?

Enfield Independent: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 4:47pm Wednesday 4th February 2015

What happened in Tottenham's transfer window? Sky Sports News HQ journalist Lyall Thomas analyses the situation regarding transfers at White Hart Lane and what the future may hold.

Antonia Okwu

Simple Positive Reflections!

Enfield Independent: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 1:25pm Wednesday 15th October 2014

Positive Reflections

Antonia Okwu

How To Be The Very Best Version Of ....... YOU!

Enfield Independent: Photograph of the Author

Posted on 12:00am Tuesday 14th October 2014

After many years of deep soul searching and various life experiences, I finally discovered a pathway to becoming the very best version of myself. It is now my  pleasure to share some of these very simple tips with you in the hope that they will help you to establish for yourself a pathway to becoming the very best version of YOU!

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation helps young people turn hobbies in to careers

Posted on 10:07am Wednesday 21st May 2014

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation’s Kicks project uses football to to break down barriers between young people and the police. The free sessions for 5 – 19 year olds are proven to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and increase interest in sports, while creating life changing opportunities leading young people to find employment and education.

Tom Allnutt

Ashton attacked with glass

Posted on 11:01am Monday 17th September 2012

Saracens winger Chris Ashton spent the evening in hospital after he was attacked with a glass in a London nightclub on Saturday night.

Denise Headley

Referendum a great result for Cameron

Posted on 9:34am Tuesday 14th June 2011

The failure of the AV referendum to deliver a change in the voting system seals the coffin of voting reform for a generation.

Andy Love MP

It's a "no" to AV but what does this mean for the future?

Posted on 5:26pm Tuesday 10th May 2011

When the electorate votes no to electoral reform, what's the alternative to the Alternative Vote, and do the electorate care?

Andy Love MP

Cutting police is not a risk the Government should take

Posted on 3:43pm Tuesday 26th April 2011

Slashing the police force budget may have a negative impact on crime levels, but the Government seems far more interested in cutting police numbers than in cutting crime.

Andy Love MP

Unemployment nears 10% in Edmonton but Government has no real plan for growth

Posted on 6:18pm Monday 18th April 2011

With unemployment in Edmonton almost pushing 10%, the Government still appears to have no proper plan for growth. How far will they let the figures soar out of control before they change course?

Andy Love MP

Behind the scenes at the North Mid

Posted on 4:32pm Monday 11th April 2011

With so much uncertainty surrounding the future of healthcare in Enfield, I made an in-depth visit to the North Middlesex University Hospital to see how well the NHS is coping.

Andy Love MP

Levels of child poverty predicted to rise yet Government still fails to act

Posted on 5:09pm Monday 4th April 2011

Already 45% of children in Edmonton live in poverty. If the Government keeps on down the track its on, that percentage will rise dramatically. The Coalition committed itself to the pledge to eradicate child poverty by 2020 so why isn't it acting?

Andy Love MP

Sure Start funding to be slashed

Posted on 12:45pm Monday 28th March 2011

Sure Start Children's Centres are widely thought of as being one of the great achievements of the previous government. Even David Cameron agreed. But now he seems to have changed his mind and is slashing their funding.

David Burrowes

We Will Remember Them

Posted on 10:43am Wednesday 9th March 2011

Excellent progress in my campaign calling for the law to give greater protection for war memorials.

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