Enfield Borough Council has confirmed it will extend a catering licence for one month following complaints from a businessman.

Fevzi Vedat, who runs Mr Magic UK burger van in Pymmes Park, was asked to leave the park on September 30 after a tendering process allocated the site to another catering firm.

However, he said he would not leave the Edmonton park until the end of October at the latest as he insisted he should have been given three months notice to vacate.

The council told the Enfield Independent today that it has given the 44-year-old permission to stay in the park for one more month, with his final day being Tuesday, October 30.

However, Mr Vedat, who lives in Ordnance Road in Enfield Lock, is still calling for the council to either allocate him another Enfield park or start the tendering process again as he believes it was unfair.

The father-of-two said: “Actually, it is not that they are allowing me to stay – my notice runs out at the end of October anyway. This is not going to solve my problems.

“I am not going to let this go, I am sorry to say this but I am just not going to let it go.”

He claims he only became aware of the bidding process two days before the tender closed and the council offered two months notice before being asked to vacate.

He said today that if the council fails to meet his demands, he will contact he will contact the Local Government Ombudsman – which investigates council complaints, before taking the matter to court.

Mr Vedat, who is divorced, has run the catering firm in the park since 2010. He works on Saturday and Sunday during the winter and every day during the summer to serve football teams using the park as a training ground.

He is concerned he will not be able to support his children, aged 14 and 26, if he can no longer run his business.