The owner of a popular burger van is pleading with Enfield Council to help him save his business.

Fevzi Vedat has run his hot food and ice cream business, called Mr Magic UK, in Pymmes Park for two years.

However, he was told by the council to leave the park by September 30 to make way for a new catering firm. 

The father-of- two, who lives in Ordnance Road, claims the council did not inform him that a tendering process came into force this year, meaning he would have to bid to stay in the Edmonton park.

The 44-year-old became aware of the new set-up two days before the tender closed and despite making a £5,000 offer to keep the stall for another year, he lost out to another mobile catering company.

Despite his licence expiring on Sunday, Mr Vedat claims he was not given three months notice and will continue operating until at least the end of October.

He said he has repeatedly tried contacting the council to discuss his rights, but according to Mr Vedat, no one has responded.  

He said: “It is a nightmare. There is nothing else I can do so I am just going to turn up as normal on Saturday and we will see what the surprise is.”

He believes the council have not been clear with him about his state of affairs, and he is becoming so stressed he has been prescribed medication for depression.

The businessman, who works every Saturday during the winter, said his Halal stall is particularly popular with young footballers who use the park to train with their clubs at weekends.

He has employed one member of staff for the last year who is also worried that his livelihood will be affected when the business is forced to move.

The stall is open every day during the summer to supply ice cream, with regulation meaning he can only supply hot or cold food at one time.

Mr Vedat, who is divorced, is concerned about the state of affairs as he will struggle to support his 14-year-old and 26-year-old children, who he says are “his life.”  

He said: “I don’t know what to do. I tried to make arrangements with the council but they don’t want to know, they want me out of the park and I will be out of a job.

“Nobody was working in this park before me, I picked this park up and built up this business and now I am out.

“This park does not belong to me but the least the council could do is offer me a different park so I can support my family.”

Although he would like to stay in Pymmes Park, he said he would be satisfied if the council relocated him to another of the borough’s parks.

The Enfield Independent is waiting for a comment from Enfield Council.