A businessman has pledged to double the cash raised by an Enfield Independent campaign to save the last wildlife animal hospital in London.

David Mills, proprietor of Clockhouse Nursery in Forty Hill, read about the financial difficulty of the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service in Trent Country Park and decided to donate £5,000 to help the centre.

The generous donation comes just one day after the Enfield Independent announced its campaign to raise £5,000 for the centre has been a success, bringing the total raised to £10,000.

Mr Mills has been in touch with Barry and June Smitherman, who run the animal hospital with volunteers, over the years when wild animals have been discovered on site.

Mr and Mrs Smitherman saved a swan who landed in the nursery’s car park and was unable to fly off due to lack of space, and have also helped treat foxes found in pallets.

Mr Mills – whose family set up the garden centre in 1921 - said he wanted to help because the charity is cherished by many people in the borough, and he knows all the money will be used to help the good cause.

The paper started the campaign in November after hearing the shelter ran into financial difficulties when visitor numbers dropped due to the wet weather last year.

The charity relies on public donations and £10,000 annually from Enfield Borough Council to treat sick, injured and trapped animals at its hospital before returning them to the wild if possible.