It’s snow joke, this snowman could well be the tallest in London.

Friends and spouses ditched watching Dancing on Ice on Sunday and spent three hours building the magnificent beast in Apple Grove in Enfield Town.

The overgrown snowman, which is at least ten feet high, has caused a stir in the neigbourhood and passers-by are saying they have never seen anything like it.

Hollie Brock knew their hard work had paid off, but a van driver made her day when he pulled up in front of the house yesterday to say he has not seen a taller snowman anywhere in London.

Ms Brock, 25, said: “It was quite a challenge, but we thought ‘we have nothing to do’ so we thought ‘let’s just see how tall we can make it.'

“We have had a few people looking up and going ‘what on earth?’”

In the dark, they collected snow from across the street to make sure the snowman stood out from the crowd.

Once finished, Caroline Regan rummaged through the bin to pick out colourful bottle tops for its eyes and button holes to make sure the snowman dazzled its fans.

This may not be the last we hear from the adventurous group, as they say if snow falls again tomorrow and Friday, as predicted, they may come up with another novel snow statue.

The impressive snowman is still standing its ground two days after it was built, although it has sadly started to tip.