An unusual decline in the number of housebound and disabled people attending free trips is forcing a charity to call for more members.

Volunteers for the Southgate Homebound and Disabled Association are urging people to join its 25 members who enjoy monthly tea and entertainment at the Walker Hall in The Green.

The 55-year-old charity, which relies largely on donations, collects people who are housebound due to age or disability from their Southgate homes to take them to social events before dropping them home at the end of the night.

Volunteer Stuart Woodall said the charity cared for 50 members at its peak and the decline over Christmas is out of the ordinary.

He said: “It’s the lowest we have been in a fair few years, it’s usually fairly constant. It’s something that people don’t always know about but it’s really valuable.”

The Borough of Enfield Voluntary Association for the Disabled provides two ambulances to transport less able members, with others collected by volunteers in cars.

Ian Woodall, the charity’s chairman, added: “We’ve got lots of space for more people in the hall and a year of great entertainment lined up. We just want more members to share it with.”

For more information, call vice president Des Woodall on 0208 8869 845.