A shopkeeper had the surprise of her life when she was set upon by a cash mob on Thursday afternoon.

Pam Battley, who owns Ma Battley’s sweet shop in Church Street, Enfield Town, was in the shop when a brass band and ten people waving £10 notes headed inside.

Ms Battley said: “It was absolutely amazing, I was shell shocked. It was wonderful.

“I had no idea until I was in the shop and I heard this brass band and I thought ‘oh, the Salvation Army has arrived.’

“It was lovely and I was listening to them playing Land of Hope and Glory and then I was cash mobbed – it was absolutely wonderful.”

The sweet shop, which has a tea room upstairs, has been in Enfield Town for six years after moving from Chase Side.

The cash mob was set up by members of the Facebook page Foodies Enfield who are keen to drum up support for independent retailers.

Ms Battley said: It was such a boost to what was otherwise a very quiet Thursday and it just put smiles on everyone’s faces.

“It is absolutely wonderful, it has been very quiet up in Church Street for quite a while so it was wonderful seeing so many people waving £10 notes because after all, that’s the reason we are here.

“We are here from 8am to 6.30pm every day and something like that has just made it all worthwhile.”

Karen Mercer, who was part of the cash mob, believes it is very important to support independent retailers – especially when times are tough.

She said: “I think it is much more fun to not reveal the location to the people that we are doing it to. It was quite a shock.

“It was great, the small shop looked really full, everyone was buying things - it was brilliant. It was a really good community action.”

The first cash mob saw the team descend on The Village Wholefood Store in Forty Hill at the beginning of the month.