Prime Minister David Cameron defended his party's record on the NHS and gave his backing to Enfield North candidate Nick de Bois when he campaigned in the constituency today.

The leader of the Conservatives visited Kelvin Hughes, an aeronautical business in Mollison Avenue, Enfield, to promote apprenticeships at the Enfield-based company

Cameron has been criticised for pledging to keep Chase Farm Hospital's A&E unit open before the 2010 general election.

With it's closure in 2013 still a sore point for many, he told the Enfield Independent that people in Enfield must “look to the future”, blaming Labour for causing the unit's demise.

He said: “The truth is that the last Labour government set this hospital on a path to closure and that is what happened when the Labour candidate was the last Member of Parliament and it was very difficult to pull back from that in 2010.

"But we now have to look to the future and that is the urgent care centre, the extra opening hours and redevelopment of the hospital, which Nick has fought tirelessly for.”

Mr Cameron also praised Mr de Bois, who faces competition from former MP Joan Ryan.

He said: “He can win this election because he has a good track record of helping people in Enfield and also this election comes down to a choice. Do you want to continue a strategy which is delivering jobs, growth and economic plans to help Enfield or do you want to put it all at risk with Ed Miliband backed by the SNP.

“How much time do you think Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond have spent thinking about Enfield, do you think they could even point it out on a map? Will they care about what matters in Enfield?

“They would be calling the shots in the Labour government, making sure that Enfield didn’t get the improvements its needs.”

The Tory leader also labelled comedian and political campaigner Russell Brand as a “joke” after the comedian met with Labour leader Ed Miliband during his election campaign.