In two weeks' time people will head to the polls and decide who they want to become their next MP.

The Enfield Independent has asked each candidate to give their five reasons why people should vote for them on May 7.

UKIP candidate for Edmonton, Neville Watson, has give us his reasons people should select him as the next MP for the constituency:

I stand for a form of common sense politics that truly has the maturity to balance idealism and realism and acknowledge that the other side may just have some good points.

I know that too many politicians are being paid more and more to stand for less and less and until politicians see their own self-interest as inextricably linked to the interest of the electorate we will never have a fairer society.

A community is only as strong as its most vulnerable so we will integrate health and social care under the control of the NHS, protect day/ home care centres and meals on wheels and increase Carers allowances to match job seekers

Offer wrap-around childcare before and after school for every school-age child

End sex education at primary level and make first aid training part of the National Curriculum.

Bring empty homes back into use and build more homes on brownfield sites for social housing. Reduce local business rates by 20 per cent and lobby for 30 minutes' free parking in shopping areas.