The Enfield Independent has asked each parliamentary candidate to give their five reason people should vote for them next month.

Trade Union and Socialist Coalition candidate for Edmonton, Lewis Peacock, has given his five reason people should vote for him on May 7.

I have lived in Edmonton for 45 years, nearly all my life. I understand the issues our community faces like high unemployment, low pay and zero hour contracts, families that are homeless or forced into temporary housing. If you elect me, I will fight for our community. Together, we can fight for decent jobs, pay, housing and get Edmonton the improved living standards it so desperately needs. 

Opinion polls say hardly anyone is against rent control but but none of the big parties support it. Surely we should cap rents rather than benefits and then build council housing. To do that we would need to reverse the cuts – but none of the old parties support that either.

As a rep in the RMT union and I see the importance of trade union rights at work – and the need for a minimum wage of at least £10 per hour. I’m standing for TUSC because none of the big parties support these ideas.

All the old parties support privatisation and outsourcing in the NHS – I think we need to put a stop to that to save the NHS.

A recent poll shows that only 17 per cent of the population support privatised rail but none of the big parties support renationalisation. TUSC does support renationalisation and we need to build a party that represents the 99% rather than big business.