We have been asking each candidate standing in next month’s General Election to provide five reasons why they should get your vote.

Conservative candidate for Edmonton Gonul Daniels has told the Enfield Independent the five reasons she should be elected on May 7.

As chairman of governors at an outstanding school I support policies to improve our children’s education. Schools that are identified as underperforming or satisfactory will have to improve. Satisfactory is just not good enough.

I am local, I have lived in Edmonton for 17 years and in North London all of my life. I can empathise with Edmonton constituents. I have experienced the issues that face the people of Edmonton because I have lived, worked and raised a family in Edmonton.

I will support local businesses so that they can create jobs and help people attain a living wage and have a good standard of living.

I am a woman from an ethnic background who has had a full working career and a family to support. I want to be involved in policy making because my experiences as a working mother will bring a common sense and fair perspective.

I won’t take Edmonton for granted and will fight for the issues that matter to the people of Edmonton. I will put pressure on the Labour council to invest in an Edmonton that they have neglected for years.