The Enfield Independent has asked each candidate standing at next month’s General Election to give us five reasons why they deserve your vote.

David Flint, Green Party candidate for Enfield North, has given his five reasons why people should vote for him on May 7.

1) Conventional economic policies created the banking crisis and the recession. All the governing parties are still committed to these policies, which punish the poor for the follies of the rich.

2) The Green Party would call halt to these follies. We would reregulate the banks and create jobs in manufacturing.

3) These policies also drive the destruction of the natural world by deforestation and climate change. We would phase out fossil fuels and accelerate development of renewables.

4) Only the Green Party would also resist the accelerating corporate control of our politics and public life. In particular, we would reverse the privatisation of the NHS.

5) And only the Green Party would act to reduce the extraordinary inequality which undermines our efforts to make  a safer, healthier society. We would raise the minimum wage, act vigorously against tax avoidance and increase taxes on the top one per cent.