Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham has warned that Enfield is “under doctored”.

The Labour MP visited Abernethy House Surgery on Silver Street, in Enfield today.

Speaking to patients groups, he condemned the “false promises” made by Conservatives about healthcare in the borough before the last general election.

He said: "GP services have gone into freefall under this government. I feel a sense of obligation to people here, one thing that really concerns me hearing how those commitments made have not been honoured, Mr Cameron stood outside that hospital and made a pledge he had no intention of keeping and we are not going to do that.

“We want to protect and build what has already been agreed and make sure that every penny from the site goes back into building it.”

Provision had initially been made for three new 'primary care hubs' to be built across the borough to cope with the A&E closure yet only one was built, the Evergreen surgery in Edmonton.

Mr Burnham added: “We must honour the promises of GP services and Enfield is massively under-doctored in primary care. Enfield currently needs another 84 and has 167 at the moment, Enfield are the 17th worst hit clinical commissioning group across the country.”

Joan Ryan, Labour parliamentary candidate for Enfield North, addded: “Primary care in Enfield is under real strain. By scrapping Labour’s guarantee of a GP appointment in 48 hours and cutting the funding for Labour’s GP extended opening hours scheme, the Tory-led Government has made it harder for local residents to see their GP.

"As a consequence A&Es are at breaking point with an influx of patients unable to see their doctor – a situation made even worse in Enfield by the Tories decision to close Chase Farm’s Accident and Emergency department in 2013."