More than 100 organisations of various faiths will take part in an annual Jewish day of good deeds next month.

Schools, offices and religious groups have offered their services for Mitzvah Day 2012, supported by the Times and Independent Series, which encourages people to do a good deed for others in the community.

This year’s event will form part of government initiative A Year of Service, encouraging members of all faiths to get together to do their bit.

Charity Mitzvah Day UK, co-ordinating this year’s projects, expects more than 300 groups to take part on Sunday, November 18.

Mitzvah Day founder and chairman Laura Marks said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the growing success of Mitzvah Day, which has become an established day of social action.

“This year we’re hoping to engage with even more communities and businesses.  We want to see different types of organisations, individuals and faith groups working together building stronger communities for today and also for the future.”

Now in its eighth year, increasing number of projects involve Jewish people working alongside those of other faiths, including Hindus, Christians, and Muslims.

As well as its work across the UK, Mitzvah Day expects to attract around 25,000 volunteers to support upwards of 800 initiatives nationally and internationally. 

This year, at least 24 countries are expected to take part and communities in Australia, Poland and Germany have signed-up for the first time. 

Keep an eye out on the Times and Independent Series websites for news on Mitzvah Day activities taking place in Barnet over the coming weeks.