An eight-year-old girl who found a horse chestnut husk capsule with five conkers hopes she has broken a world record.

Little Evie Jacobs was was searching for a husk with rare triple conkers at Bush Hill Park, Enfield, after studying trees at school.

But the Wolfson Hillel, Southgate, pupil was unable to find one - so asked her grandad Henry Jacobs for help.

A super sized Horse Chestnut husk capsule containing a record breaking five conkers has been found in Bush Hill Park, Enfield.

After what felt like hours, the pair were stunned to find a capsule containing five conkers - three times the average.

They contacted expert botanist Dr Fred Rumsey, senior curator in charge of historical collections at the Natural History Museum.

He said the most he had ever seen is three.

"There must be developmental abnormality here, perhaps the fusing of two flowers?" He said.

Florin Feneru, the museum's identification officer, confirmed the find is a rarity.

The news of this find has reached British Columbia, Canada, where noted botanist, science teacher and writer, Linda Crampton who has made a study of the horse chestnut tree said that she has never heard of such a specimen before.

Dr Darren Evans and Dr Michal Pocock co authors of Conker Tree Science at the Centre for Ecology and Conservation at Newcastle University have confirmed the highly unusual nature of the find.

Evie is now applying for her giant specimen to be judged by the Guinness Book Records as a world record.