The Mayor of London’s has defended Transport for London’s decision to ban Uber from the capital, despite concerns that it could cost Londoners millions of pounds.

Sadiq Khan hit back at claims from Conservative London Assembly member Andrew Boff that the decision to deny Uber a licence extension would hit the pockets of those who rely on its service.

Mr Boff suggested that Londoners will be forced to pay an additional £90 million in transport costs each year as a result of the ban.

He added that the impact of 40,000 Uber drivers being out of work will result in an annual loss of £864 million in wages.

He said: “These numbers may seem dramatic but they underline the huge economic damage this ban would do to millions of Londoners and thousands of drivers in our city.

“The Mayor repeatedly talks about London being open for business but this attack on consumer choice and value for money has happened on his watch.

“Having taken the terrible decision to refuse Uber a license, I hope the Mayor and TfL will now reverse their decision without the additional expense of a legal fight.”

Mr Boff worked out the difference in cost by comparing the average price of an Uber journey to one in a black cab.

Uber is currently appealing TfL’s decision not to extend its licence and is involved in on-going talks with the operator.

But a spokesperson for Mr Khan’s office explained how the app-based firm only has itself to blame.

They said: “TfL concluded that Uber is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence in London, and the Mayor supports that decision.

“Regulation is there for a reason and if Uber had played by the rules they would not find themselves in this situation today.

“[Mr] Boff is being misleading in saying the choice for London passengers is solely between Uber and black cabs.

“There are multiple providers across London’s private hire trade, and the Mayor wants to encourage a thriving market, as long as operators play by the rules.”