Children took part in an arts and crafts events when a centre was turned into a "hive of activity".

A variety of workshops and collaborative projects were organised on Saturday October 7 and Sunday October 8 at Blue House Yard Fun Palace, in Wood Green.

An international celebration of community cohesion Fun Palace aims to bring people together through an appreciation of the arts, science, crafts and technology.

Organiser Victoria Beatson, said: “It was a really successful day, we had more people come to visit than expected, and thankfully the weather held out.

“One woman said ‘I had no idea this artistic oasis was by the Wood Green tube.

“We expected to just pop in for a peek and got pulled into the spell for hours and hours.

“Her four-year-old son said ‘the cake decorating was the best part.’”

A Blue House Yard stall holder, Martha at Studio1 Ceramics, added: “Saturday was a hive of activity at Blue House Yard.

“The space was open to budding creatives of all ages.

“Over in Studio1 Ceramics we were painting and decorating colourful tiles and there were lots of pinch pots being crafted.

“Children and adults enjoyed getting their hands dirty and making some wonderful and versatile pieces, from bowls full of insects to fire engine tiles.”

The first Fun Palaces were staged in October 2014 across 138 venues.

Around 40,000 people took part in person whilst tens of thousands did so interactively.

By 2016 Fun Palace weekends had grown in popularity and 292 events were hosted throughout the world.

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