Would you know how to spot the signs if your son or daughter had joined a gang?

The Metropolitan Police has teamed up with Enfield Council to try and stamp out knife crime for good and to stop children from getting involved in gangs.

Adults are being asked to keep a watchful eye on their children for signs of unusual and suspicious behaviour in efforts to cut criminal activity.

Warning signs include: Sharp knives missing from the kitchen; A child having new accessories or clothes that their parents or guardians did not buy Staying out late at night Unexplained truancy Train or bus tickets for journeys to new towns or cities New mobile phones or sim cards Increased secrecy around their mobile phones.

Councillor Krystle Fonyonga, Enfield Council’s cabinet member for community safety and public health, said: “We have a very simple and very clear message for parents ‘help us keep your kids safe’ by being alert to the warning signs and acting quickly if you suspect anything.

“We’re doing everything we can with our partners in the police to keep the streets safe but we want mums, dads and guardians to be our eyes and ears in our communities to help nip criminality in the bud and build stronger communities and a safer Enfield.

“If you carry a knife you are likely to either end up being stabbed with it, or if you are caught with it by the police you face a five year jail sentence.

“No parent wants that for their child.

“If you spot any signs of possible criminality, I’d urge you to get in touch with us so we can step in and help.”

Worried parents wanting advice can telephone Childline on 0800 1111 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

To find the Metropolitan Police contact details visit www.met.police.uk/contact-us